Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Property Lettings Service for North London Properties is launched

Property lettings service has been launched specifically targeting property rentals in North London.

Renting a property in London can be quite a challenge for tenants as well as landlords. The property lettings market in London is fat moving and it is not always an easy task to find your ideal property to rent. Letting agents in North London, Rightview Estates have announced the launch of their property lettings service that caters specifically to properties in North London area. According to the Estate Agent, “There is a high demand for renting properties in London in general. North London in particular offers an ideal choice for many tenants who are looking to rent properties in or around London. By focusing on North London properties only, we are able to offer a large selection of properties carefully inspected to meet the needs of property lettings in north London. Our portfolio of London properties includes detached and semi detached houses as well as flats, apartments and studios in Wood Green, Haringey, Manor House, Tottenham and other North London boroughs.”

The website provides up to date information on properties currently available for rent in North London and the website is frequently updated with new properties. Customers have access to detailed information and pictures of each property available for rent. Customers can book property viewings via the website or request additional information on properties of interest to them. An experienced and friendly sales team is well equipped and dedicated to answering all enquiries, however small or large.

In addition to meeting the needs of tenants who are looking to rent properties in North London, Right view Estates are also able to assist property owners and landlords with management of their properties. Right view are offering competitive pricing and a personalised service for property owners in North London who wish to let their property either on short term or long term rent.

Tenants and Landlords interested in renting property in North London can find out more by calling 0208 365 0701 or visiting the website http://www.rightviewestates.co.uk.

London Estate Agent offers service for Lettings in London

North London Estate agents, Rightview are offering a special property lettings service for properties in North London. The property lettings market in London has seen an increase in demand due to an increasing number of property buyers choosing to rent properties in London instead. Although property sales in London have declined, the lettings market has continued to grow as property buyers are delaying decision to invest.

Renting a property in London can prove challenging. The properties available for rent can vary significantly in condition and size. North London lettings agents, Right View Estates aim to solve this challenge by focusing specifically on North London boroughs including Palmers Green, Haringey and Green Lanes. By focusing specifically on property lettings in the North London area, Right View Estates are able to offer targeted service to tenants looking to rent a flat or a house within North London. Right View Estates offer a personalised service to both landlords who wish to rent properties as well as tenants.

Right View Estates offer a wide selection of properties for rent in North London to meet the diverse needs of tenants. We offer a range of houses and up market flats in north London for the high end market as well as a collection of 1 bed or studio apartments for those looking for economical rental accommodation in North London.

Over the past year the rental market has become extremely price sensitive and more property available than tenants requiring it. This trend has resulted in the average rent drop by 5-10% across both London and Country. However better prices are not always passed on to tenants. Right View Estates on the other hand ensure that tenants have access to a vast selection of properties for rent in North London at best prices. Tenants and Landlords can find out more by calling 0208 365 0701 or visiting their website.

London Real Estate Agent’s lettings service proves popular

Rightview Estates are London based property agents who are now offering a property management service that focuses specifically on the property lettings market in North London.

The London based property agents have announced a new specialised property lettings service for tenants and landlords in North London. With thr rise in the demand for quality, affordable property letting requirement in North London, Rightview’s specialised letting service for North London will prove useful for tenants and Landlords in North London.

According to the estate agents, "All Righrview customers benefit from our flexible lettings service that is difficult to find elsewhere in London. When you combine this with the quality of North London properties we offer and our superior customer service, then it is quite evident that Rightview provides both Tenants and landlords in North London with an exceptional service.

At Rightview estate agency, we have in-depth knowledge of the property lettings market in North London, vast experience, expert skills and resources necessary to provide a range of reliable property management services. No matter how far away you are currently located, our online services enable you to take charge of things and efficiently handle all property-related transactions back home. We can assist you whether you are buying or selling a residential property or you are seeking to take up one of the many other property services that we provide."

The North London estate agents focus specifically on North London properties. This has allowed Rightview to offer a diverse portfolio of properties for rent in North London including detached, semi-detached houses and flats and new builds.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

UK’s leading SSAS administrator leads the way for SSAS commercial loans to the business.

A small self administered scheme is a pension scheme established by the operators of a business, who appoint themselves as members and trustees. They dictate investment policy and ultimately benefit from the proceeds. That investment policy can range from investing money in shares to loans to the business. By having a pension scheme loan to a business from a SSAS, the small business not only gets tax breaks on interest repayments but the pension scheme loan terms and conditions can be set favourably by the SSAS.

Pension Practitioner.Com are a team of pension experts specialising structuring and administering small schemes for business and entrepreneurs (SSAS).

Pension Practitioner .Com do not promote any investment service providers or their products. The Pension experts offer a unique, simplified approach to SSAS pensions.
SSAS clients can find out more by visiting http://www.pensionpractitioner.com or by calling freephone 0800 634 4862.

Credit Crunch Forces Estate Agents To Focus On Search Engine Marketing

The credit crunch and global economic slowdown has negatively affected businesses across industries. Estate agencies and property businesses are some of the worst hit businesses in the market. Property prices are falling every month. The number of houses being sold per month have also declined. Many estate agents, small or large, in UK have been forced into administration. In the last 6 months many high street estate agenst have shut down business due to the credit crunch in the market.

However Estate agents and property businesses than have continued to focus on online marketing and have invested in building a strong online presence for their business have continued succeed in spite of poor market conditions. In spite of the slowdown in global economy, the internet has continued to grow. Property businesses with a strong online presence have managed to flourish and grow. Even smaller businesses are now focusing on online marketing and search engine optimisation in order to remain competitive. Businesses that have failed to realise the importance of website marketing to the success of their business are loosing out those that do.

More than 70% of property buyers in the developed markets begin their search on the internet. Estate agents who rank high on search engines like Gogle and Yahoo have a competitive advantage over those who do not. An increasing number of smaller businesses are now seen investing in online marketing which is fast becoming an essential element of any successful business model.

Click here for more information on search engine marketing for estate agents.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Pensions Website is launched to provide information and support for setting up SSAS pension schemes.

Small Self-Administered Scheme commonly referred to as SSAS is a type of pension scheme that has proved popular in recent years as an effective investment scheme. A small self-administered scheme (SSAS) is an occupational pension scheme set up under trust with fewer than 12 members. The popularity of SSAS is because of the investment powers and greater control they offer.

Pension Practitioners are an H.M.R.C authorised Pension scheme administrators that can assist businesses and entrepreneurs with setting up SSAS schemes. The company offer end to end administration of SSAS schemes of any scale. Administration of the SSAS scheme by an authorised provider is necessary in order to qualify for the tax relief from HMRC. There is significant tax planning opportunities for the company when making contributions to a SSAS. The contributions the company makes to the SSAS are relieved for tax in the accounting year they are paid and this applied to both regular and single contributions as long as these payments are within maximum funding rules. Most SSAS arrangements will allow income drawdown of benefits as long as they comply with various rules.

Pension scheme regulations in UK have changed from 6 April 2006 and new regulations on benefits apply to registered pension schemes, including SSAS. The website provides up to date information on SSAS regulations in addition to offering complete set-up and administration service for schemes. In addition to offering tax benefits, SSAS offers control over capital invested in the scheme. Income withdrawal is available either through the purchase of a series of short term annuities or as income withdrawal direct from the scheme, or a combination of the two.

You can pay money from your business, personally or a third party can pay into your SSAS. Scheme administrators from http://www.pensionpractitioner.com can help you work out the amount of tax relief you will get on payments made into the scheme. The website will soon be offering a new range of online tools and online application and set up currently being developed by Kronik Media.co.uk, the London based Software Development Company.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Joomla development

Kronik Media are proud to announce the launch of a wide range of Joomla development service for businesses in UK. Joomla is a powerful award winning content management system. Kronik Media's Joomla development service includes development of large complex Joomla websites to simple Joomla website design for small businesses and start-up ventures.

Kronik Media have many years of experience developing Joomla websites for a diverse clientele in UK ranging form independent entrepreneurs and start up ventures to established businesses. Kronik Media have expertise in all areasof Joomla development including Joomla template design, Joomla component development. Joomla Module development and e-commerce websites built upon the Joomla framework.

The business welcomes inquiries for Joomla development from businesses small or large.