Thursday, 6 November 2008

UK’s leading SSAS administrator leads the way for SSAS commercial loans to the business.

A small self administered scheme is a pension scheme established by the operators of a business, who appoint themselves as members and trustees. They dictate investment policy and ultimately benefit from the proceeds. That investment policy can range from investing money in shares to loans to the business. By having a pension scheme loan to a business from a SSAS, the small business not only gets tax breaks on interest repayments but the pension scheme loan terms and conditions can be set favourably by the SSAS.

Pension Practitioner.Com are a team of pension experts specialising structuring and administering small schemes for business and entrepreneurs (SSAS).

Pension Practitioner .Com do not promote any investment service providers or their products. The Pension experts offer a unique, simplified approach to SSAS pensions.
SSAS clients can find out more by visiting or by calling freephone 0800 634 4862.

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Pension practitioners have recently lauched their new blogs offering information on SSAS Pensions.